Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lodge together with my junior tennis cirecle members

Last weekend, I went to lake Yamanakako near by Mt.Fuji to join a "Gasshuku" stay in tourist home and playing tennis, drinking beer, and enjoying other pleasure event.Gasshuku were held during Sep 12 Tursday to Sep 17 Sunday. Junior member have no work so They can go to Gasshuku fulltime, but I can't so because I am a worker.
We are enjoying Gasshuku every year, but Other people always say Our Gasshuku is storange hear about that.
First, although we are good at playing tennis, All member isn't playing tennis seriousness.Some people playing tennis with wearing stuffed-animal suit,others doing with water-gun.Tennis isn't main purpose.
Second, We always drink a lot of alcohol until forget remembrance.My friend drunk "Shochu" Japanese wine 1800ml for 5 minites! While Member drinking, other member shout to enthusiasm him.(I guess you can't imagin our party!)
Third, We exchange letters together Final day.1st and 2nd gardes give letter to more than 3rd,1st and more than 3rd to 2nd, and more than 2nd to 1st. More than 2nd knows this custom but 1st always suprise it and be pleased it every year.
Ofcause, Other Events Firewoks, haunted house, are very pleasure.Through this event, Our friendship came to be more and more stronger.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Lets start English blog!

Hi! I am Japanese 25 old man.

I start Blog to practice English wirtting! My English is very poor…. but I will make a effort to progress English.

Please give me an advice to progress English!